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    Balance Builders & Purposeful Partner

  • Purposeful Partner

    What It Is

    The Women with Purpose “Purposeful Partner” (PP) is a local non-profit organization that is chosen by Women with Purpose on a monthly basis during the season (September – May). The attendees of the Women with Purpose monthly luncheon are encouraged to bring donated items and/or cash donations according to the list of needs provided by the Purposeful Partner.


    What Your Organization Receives

    During the month your organization is featured as the Purposeful Partner, you will receive the following benefits:

    • 1 Free lunch
    • Free publicity (website, social media, slideshow, emails)
    • Display at the Purposeful Partner table
    • Networking opportunity before and after lunch
    • Cash and items donated by Women with Purpose attendees

    If you have any questions, please contact Emily Kirchner by email at emily@wwpwi.org

  • Balance Builders

    Personal & Professional Development

    Here are a few suggestions:

    • Listen to Podcasts like Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur, Christian Women Business, The Christy Wright Show
    • Take a Professional Development Course. Check out the Women With Purpose Resource page for some ideas.
    • Do one thing a week that brings you out of your comfort zone.
    • Participate in professional organizations.
    • Find a Business or Life Coach to help  and encourage you Professionally & Personally.
    • Work on keeping a positive mindset.
    • Watch TED Talks.
    • Update your LinkedIn profile and reach out to some one new.

      If you know of others, please let us know. We love to share that kind of information. 
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    We hear a lot about SELF-CARE, but do we really know what that looks like? Here are a few suggestions:

    • Unplug from Social Media
    • Watch your Favorite Movie
    • Create a Gratitude List
    • Bake Something
    • DIY Facial and a Good Book
    • Connect with a Friend

    Think of something that makes you feel cared for or that brings you joy and do that! Care for yourself! You are always pouring so much into others. Let’s pause this month and do something to take care of YOU!


    And remember to share these great ideas on Facebook so we can encourage others to do the same.


    Showing kindness, caring, and being willing to help others is what we are focused on this month when we are talking about Compassion. This is a word for a very positive emotion that has to do with being thoughtful. When you feel compassion for someone, you really want to help out. Here are a few suggestions:

    • Be Present. Listen to others without thinking of what you will say.
    • Do more than someone expects.
    • Double your dinner and share it with someone else.
    • Be aware of those around you, everyone needs a smile these days!
    • Let someone in front of you in line.
    • Volunteer at a food bank.
    • Giving to Purposeful Partner (look on the page on our website and reach out to our Purpose Partners.)
    • Make no-sew blankets for shelters.
    • Send a gift card to someone in need.
    • Visit someone who is in the hospital or nursing home
    • Leave books or trial size hygiene products in a little free library.

      Soul Care

      Soul Care is about stopping for conversation, the chance to rest or read, opening up to God’s presence, guidance and ultimately love. This month we want you to practice Soul Care! Here are a few suggestions:

      • Prayer and/or Meditation
      • Sign up for a Retreat or Conference
      • Focus on Forgiveness
      • Start a Prayer or Gratitude journal
      • Attend a care group (First Free has several)
      • Bible study or devotional
      • Decide to deal with hurts and hang-ups
      • Go for a walk and enjoy God's Creation
      • Write out Scripture
      • Schedule a day of Rest
      • Choose Joy


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